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02 April 2011 @ 04:50 pm
Musical Art Contest  
Meep, I've totally forgotten to post about this here, but over on DA we've got our second art contest of the year going.  And it's totally fine since I've pushed the deadline back to April 22nd, woo!

Anyway, the information is here over on DA but I'll repeat the gist of the contest here as well.  The theme this time around is MUSICAL CROSSOVER!

Take your favorite song/artist/musical whatever, cross it with Dragon Knights and see what you get!  Judging will be figured by member votes and first place gets a choice of either a full color commission or a couple of custom buttons made by me, DragonBeak.

... I should really post up the prizes from the Winter Contest, to have more examples.  I'll do that in a bit.

EDIT:  Now with more examples!  This is what HeartbreakHavoc got for winning first place in the Winter Contest, last December!

Enter and something like this could be yours~

Oh also!  Small chance of something DK-related happening at RamenCon, August 19-21st, since both Kojika and I will end up being there!  Maybe not a panel, but I don't know, the chances of both DK club heads coincidentally planning to go to the same con... mind boggling!