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03 June 2011 @ 10:04 pm
Cross-posting from my Tumblr: Food for Thought  


TRIVIA Page 07
Treasures Chapter

Top: When the world was created, Sacreds were holy creatures that purified everything. They live in the world above the Three Pillars of Beginning. (Is how it seems.)  Volume 3 Page 161

The Three Pillars of Beginning. The world first started from those three pillars. Volume 3, page 99

Right: The Map Pieces + Dragon Eyes + the Green Stone = the location of the Three Treasures!

Bottom: Thatz and Kitchel. In this undesirable but unseperable relationship, they would always try to outwit eachother. (But usually Thatz would lose.) 

Bottom Right: Item, Three Treasurs #1
The contents of those three bottles was just one of the treasures.

Bottom line: Initially Nadil’s real name was Nadil Kainaldia Shuraihyeru

(Some notes: Tokyopop used “Three Poles of Beginning” but I think “Pillars” is a better translation.

Also: THERE’S AN ENTIRE WORLD ABOVE THE THREE PILLARS???  Well, I guess now we know where the Heaven’s Star Princess comes from. >.>

Finally, for Nadil’s name, I just romanized that last word because I have absolutely no idea what Shuraihyeru is. Schreihell? This would mean “Hell Scream” in German, which I guess would be fitting…)

Scans originally from http://reverein.net/forum/index.php?topic=3038.0  Thoughts, anyone?